Founding Board Members

  Julie Beckham
  Lisa M. Consalvo
  Michelle Keddy Consalvo
  Patrice Gattozzi
  Ann Glora
  Karen Marryat
  Susan Martin

  Maureen McCarthy
  Bridget Simmons Murphy
  Thien Simpson

 Inspired by the Grimke sisters of Hyde Park, Massachusetts, who helped ignite the abolitionist and suffrage movements in Boston in the early 19th century, BostonWomenInc. has been celebrating strong, influential women in business and the   community since 2011.

Marietta Phinney
Brittany Butler
Erica Hirshler


Beverly Beckham

Julie Kahn

Eleni Vidalis


Nora Baston

Julie Burros

Sue Marsh


Evelyn Lee

Sheila Dillon

Candy O'Terry

Past Honorees

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Pat Tierney
Barbara Baxter
Cheryl Murphy

Angela Menino
Kathy Kottaridis
Maria Farrell

Sharon Grimberg
Tonya Grimes
Martha McDonough

Elizabeth L. Mitchell, MD
Janice Kenney
Gerri McElmoyle​